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Now that we’ve already established “Why CBD ?” in my recent blog posts,
we can move onto the “where”.

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I would encourage everyone to do their own research on any product / company your using and buying from. I do that for just about everything and would encourage everyone reading to be the same type of consumer. That what makes the world a better place, simply being informed would instigate better standards but thats just my two cents!

Ive come across a few companies before I found Green HoriZen and after being educated on industry standards vs our standards it becomes a matter of quantity vs quality.

FullSizeRender-4.jpgBefore becoming more aware of the level of toxicity I’m exposed to on a daily basis due to different cleaning, health + beauty products, and just about everything in my home including the air quality (like I mention here) I opted for mainstream brands when I could afford it, and if I couldn’t the cheapest thing would do fine( so I thought). I simply cannot live minimal, and unaware of what my money is contributing to & would rather give up some unnecessary habit to contribute more $$ to the overall wellness of my family so it IS within our budget to live the way we do and not extra stress. Because that would be counter-productive wouldn’t it?

The Healthy things in life aren’t always expensive, it can’t be used as an excuse all the time! 😉

I save more money buying a quality product over something cheap, low dosage, or impure- using more of the product reducing it’s effectiveness + therefore making it not as useful as it was intended to be.


What about eliminating prescriptions that take a toll on your pocket, and your body? —just for perspective.

What if CBD could change that for you or your loved ones?


As we know, CBD shows it’s benefits through body’s native endocannabinoid system that our bodies function specifically to digest for total health & wellness; by creating an ‘entourage effect’ via cannabinoids present providing the balance and its relieving effects.


When we view hemp oil as a complete dietary supplement, we then begin to see the value beyond being a source of CBD.

Green Horizon’s Full spectrum CBD oil is

100% THC free, 100% natural & organic.

∞ no synthetic additives to get in the way of your body’s natural healing capabilities ∞


So basically Risk free? How could you not want to give it a try 🙂


Our full spectrum CBD oil comes in 3 flavors:

• Natural
• Cinnamon
• peppermint

Different levels of potency:

• 100 mg – $30

• 250 mg- $60

• 500 mg- $100

• 1000 mg- $180

• 2000 mg- $340

• 3000 mg- $490


[salve sizes: .5 oz , 2oz, 4oz ]

Green Goddess First Aid Salve
Chronic Relief  Salve

Chronic Relief Stick
CBD infused Lip Balm (3 flavors)

Bath & Body

Chronic Relief Bath Bombs
Sugar Scrub
Bath Salts
Green Horizon CBD infused Soap Bar
Infused Massage oil
Lavendar & Lemon Grass Soap
Bath Bombs for Pets

Lollipops (5-7mg each) 6 flavors
Throat Lozenges (12 count)

Infused Fruit gummies (50 count, approx 250-350mg per bottle)

CBD infused hard candy 60mg (12)

Natural products Etc..


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