GRiZ at Red Rocks

 Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a rock structure 10 miles west of Denver where concerts take place in the open-air Amphitheatre. 738 total acres of geological beauty and wonder. Visitors and Locals alike were astounded–at  6,450 feet above sea level–it was hard not to be. We had the city view from our “spot” or seats if you would. This park is a unique transitional area where the great plains meet the Rocky Mountains giving visitors the opportunity to see animals of both regions. Though we weren’t exactly looking for animals we managed to walk side by side a skunk while we “hiked” back to our car at the end of the night. We weren’t trying to walk near it, but when you see a skunk for the first time–and then to see it climb a massive beautiful RED rock. It was BEAUTY.
I wouldn’t say I’m an experienced concert go-er. I would say I have not been to many at all, but I think I can agree with those who are experienced–this was truly one of the most amazing musical events I have ever been lucky enough to be apart of.

What better than to meet up with old friends from your home town? Not only to meet up with your friends, but to bump into them and find them with no trouble or use of our cell phone in a huge mountain. It was meant to be! On the way to find our seats for the evening we bump into another old high school friend, I mean–we were all amazed. Amazed that we were all incredibly far from our southern home, we are far into the mountain across the country doing the same exact thing. It was incredible to see so many people out there. From locals to the visitors. I found myself speechless throughout the night.

The live band poured their hearts out into every song, every instrument, and every solo. Everyone felt the power of love + music.

I will admit my favorite remix of the evening, I sang whole heartedly with every lyric….because–MICHAEL JACKSON–that’s why.

Your friends are our friends; so guess how many friends we dove into the mountains with? It’s abnormal for the party of 2 we always are (3 if your counting the baby attached to our hip on the regular–but not in this case) So when this party of 2 become a party of 9 for the concert. Group pictures happened.

Here’s to old & new friendships!

You have to find the place that brings out the human in you. The soul in you. the love in you.



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  1. Love the experience you had 😙😙😙

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