Choosing Natural Immunity

When you hear the word immunity, what comes to mind?
I want to say, that I believe there is a false general perception that pills and/or needles = immunity


& I say this simply because A & B
(I’ll keep my reasons short and limited since it can be such a broad subject.)

∴I believe the right thing to do on this earth, in this life is to use what we have naturally available to us, why not?

I don’t think for the slightest second we were born with Incomplete immune systems, do they have to develop? of course. But we are born with a body that is capable of things we’re nowadays told it can not do. Super false.

The most valuable thing I’ve learned in my short journey of motherhood, starts with nature. As well as being at peace with yourself, and moving forward to then nurture the mind, the soul, the gut and of course, our young.

So were talking about innate immunity. The inborn ability of the body to protect itself from infection and disease.


∴ Like this post mentions, we can look at it this way;

This natural immunity system of our body can be easily compared to an army of a country. Like a country has several defense systems in place e.g.: troops at the borders, troops sent out to war, spies, etc. , similarly our body too has multiple layers or barriers of defending itself from possible foreign invasions.

We can further explain how our barriers contribute to immunity

anatomical barriers; outermost layer of defense, mucous membranes in the nose, as well as ear and skin are all a part of this barrier against germs.

physiological barriers; having the capability to control temp, pH level and various bodily secretions which acts like a natural fence and sometimes weapons against the harmful substances.

phagocyctoic barriers; why enzymes are created to neutralize or destroy the foreign invaders

inflammatory barriers; to provide protection to the body while wound healing, prevents entry of microorganisms

After mentioning the barriers, tell me why it is “ideal” to subcutaneously inject a vaccine, seaping right into the bloodstream and sent off to bypass these barriers. When this happens, none of the body’s cells, organs, or molecules activate. This is an unnatural toxic assault on the body’s natural defense. The response of our immune system is a complex interaction between molecules, cells, and organs. It has the capability in an immunocompetent (healthy) individual to protect us from outside threats as well as internal cells. Thats what the beauty of nature is, and the science behind how we were MADE is. Truly, a gift from our maker.

It is perfectly fair to ask whether some vaccines work at all, or whether they are worth their risks, such as the shingles vaccine. Or the oral polio vaccine, which its inventor Jonas Salk testified in 1977 that the “principal if not sole cause” of most reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961 was a byproduct of Polio vaccine vaccine. The CDC admitted the same thing in 1992.

There is no proof that shows a link between antibody count and disease incidence. TO ADD, researchers have found highly resistant individuals with low antibody counts, as well as people who developed the disease to which they had high antibody counts for. (M&A)

lets say this all together, now.

-there is 0 proof that higher antibody titers = immunity, or protection from said disease-

Vaccines are promoted by Big Pharma, the CDC, the AMA and an alphabet soup of government entities tethered to Big Pharma funds. Nutrition, rest, proper sanitation and clean water are far more important for anyone wishing to remain healthy in the continuing onslaught that poisons our air, food, water and social and political climates.

of course now, if we’ve moved that out of the way. What RISKS, are you worried about now?

• Risk Benefit analysis 1 (Hep b, a, Rotavirus)
• Risk Benefit Analysis 2 (MMR)
Risk Benefit analysis 3 (DTaP)
• Risk Benefit Analysis 4 (chickenpox, hib, flu)
• Risk Benefit Analysis 5 (pneumoccal, Meningoccal, HPV)

It is so important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of each disease, and because I do–that is why I feel extremely comfortable with my choices. Doctors can’t shake me up or make me question myself, if I educate myself on what my fears are. As well as familiarizing myself with what to do if and when my child falls ill.

⇒ Forgoing inoculation is step one to developing a healthy immune system that supports your natural born immunity with the capabilities to strengthen when challenged by colds, germs, and other ailments with no excess inflammation as growth occurs.

⌊⌈do not stop at step one, this is crucial.⌉⌋


FullSizeRender 5

Breastmilk is the most nutritious and wholesome food source available on earth. Providing all necessary vitamins and minerals a baby needs to thrive. I naturally fell into extended breastfeeding for these very reasons. My toddler shows no interest to stop and I don’t plan to wean until we both find an appropriate time in our journey. “When a baby breastfeeds, anything s/he’s been exposed to absorbs into mom’s skin from baby’s saliva.  The mom makes antibodies against this to protect the baby and it gets to him/her via breastmilk at later feedings.  There is no substitute for this, nothing that will provide this same protection.” (MAH)

An average day in the diet of a breastfed toddler:
31% of a toddlers calories
38% of protein in a day
95% of Vit C
100% of Vit A
44% of their calcium intake
41% Niacin
26% of their Folic Acid
21% Riboflavin (b2)
50% Iron

if this cannot happen, homemade formula is your best bet for infants until the age of 1. Most commercial formula options, even organic ones, contain ingredients, additives and preservatives (corn syrup solids, hydrogenated oils, soybean oil and sugar) that aren’t good for baby.

After age 1, the milk options expand. I would choose from hemp or flaxseed milk, homemade almond or coconut, if animal milk is a must, Raw Cows milk or goats milk kefir.

Healthy 1st foods, starting off the “right” way!

Diet is key, in so many areas of life. How we feed our tiny humans AS WELL AS ourselves, should be important to every parent. Especially if your nursing…eat. and eat well! she depends on you. Nutrient dense eating is key for babies and young children, and remains true as they grow. First, babies should be atleast be 6 months of age–seriously theres no rush, and no reason to start earlier. Many doctors are still recommending 4+ months to start, and this is outdated info, like giving baby cereal… out.dated.INFO. NOOOO POINT or nutritious value whatsoever. I won’t ever do it. I didn’t see the purpose if all of my baby’s nutritional needs are being met by the breast or in others’ cases, formula.

• Then we focus on:

·Probiotics– if unable to consume this in the form of foods (i.e kambucha, yogurt, milk kefir, etc..) then you’ll need a high quality probiotic supplement. All this for the purpose of boosting gut health.

·Cod Liver Oil– the best source of vitamin D and vitamin A, as well as EPA, DHA, and other healthy components aka super immune boosting. All babies who are getting formula should get a dose daily, & babies who eat solids should too.  Breastfed babies should get it via mom.  I offer 2ml to my 17 month old, and will increase when she turns two.  Breastfeeding moms should take 1 tbsp. per day. *too much cod liver oil can be detrimental to vit D levels which can be immunosuppressive*

·Herbal Medicines or Homeopathy(preferred)– There are a variety of herbs and herbal medicines available that can boost your child’s immunity as well as homeopathic remedies that can assist with ailments naturally. Some natural immune boosters we prefer during cold & Flu season is a quality source of Vit C, Homemade elderberry syrup or Gummies and Echinacea.


·Sunlight– Babies should get 15 – 30 minutes per day of midday sun while wearing as little clothing as possible. It’s ideal to not forgo sun and supplement it because the supplemental form is not the same and not as useful in our bodies. Sun exposure creates Vitamind D sulfate, which is better absorbed and has more functions in the body.  It is produced in the oils on the surface of the skin, it’s recommended to avoid bathing for a day or two after sun exposure. (where I prefer to daily, I cannot with my daughter it causes issues with over drying etc.. not interested in dealing with that, lol.) It’s well known that children don’t need to that often anyway, especially babies, they hardly even need soap.

·Use Essential Oils– literally not a fatty oil this isn’t your typical buy on amazon, or Walmart kind of thing. Though, it’s one of those things sold everywhere–there are risks associated with using these oils even clinical grade, organic certified oils–which is the only type of essential oils to be using. (Like I said, please don’t pick these up at your local Walmart. Major no-no.) Reputable brands I recommend, Plant Therapy, Mountain Rose Herbs, Edens Garden, Poofy Organics, and a few more. These oils are highly concentrated plant constituents possessing potent medicinal and cosmetic qualities. There are certain ones that pose risks to young children, be sure know this list. My favorite EOs are Lavender, Tea tree, Frankinscense, A female support blend (by Poofy), Night Night blend (by Plant therapy), Energy blend (by Plant therapy)… as you can see I like blends! You can always make your own.


health tip: ALWAYS dilute essential oils, direct use on skin can cause irritation especially for children and infants. Rule of thumb, do not use with children under the age of 6 months, and use when necessary for children under 2

·Allow Minor Illnesses- It happens! We get sick, so our children that absorb much more of environment do too, and a little more often too. Do not be alarmed, and allow them to build the strength of their immune system. Let fevers run their course, its the bodies way of fighting back. There will be discomfort, use natures food to cure.

Things To Watch Out For

Tylenol: Depletes glutathione levels in the body, which is crucial for detoxification process. You wouldn’t want to deplete ANTIoxididants from you or your little one, especially in time of need for antioxidants throughout the body. I avoid Tylenol like its the plague.

Food Additives: food additives can reduce immunity, especially in times of illness, make sure your diet is as clean as possible.  Lots of fat, probiotics, fruits and vegetables, etc.  Avoid fast food, packaged and microwavable foods.

Hand Sanitizer: alcohol-based ones kill all the good and bad bacteria, which reduces your immunity and not as effective as killing bad bacteria as using soap and water is. Important to do before every meal, and after being outside.

lighten up your toxin load and eliminate chemical-based household cleaners and personal health care products (cleansers, shampoos, deodorants, detergent and toothpastes), and substitute natural alternatives.

Live Vaccines: If you know someone who has just gotten a live virus vaccine (Chicken Pox,MMR, Shingles, Rotavirus, Small Pox) I’d encourage to limit exposure, depending on which one for up to 6 weeks if possible. This has the potential to infect and spread disease to others even if the person vaccinated displays no symptoms. These can shed, which could make your child ill.

It’s simple,

I’m writing this in an effort to spread awareness for a multitude of things. With these tips, and your parental instincts you can implement a solid foundation that your child can use for the remainder of their life. Give them tools to be successful, and let their bodies do what it was designed to do.

Sickness and especially serious illness is usually caused by vitamin deficiencies and other testable issues within the body.  If you use healthy foods to keep the body from deficiency, then you can have optimal immune function and a lowered likelihood of illness or problems.

There is a world of natural things that are readily available to assist chronic to severe ailments, if your looking in the right places!

*This information is not intended to be a substitute to medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any specific questions about your medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking advice or treatment because of something you've read here.


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