BLW ideas for tots: the chowdown

Breakfast! Lunch! Maybe even dinner time. What’s your favorite meals that are super easy to make for your tot? What are your favorite BLW items?


Quick tip: don’t be alarmed when they explore how food plops on the floor. They will test out most of their foods and they are understanding textures, shapes, looks and sounds. Its frustrating as a parent to watch them either throw the food you just made them before they even started their meal, or in general the mess isn’t pleasureable to look at or clean up. But you bonding through meal time is, and it’s apart of a learning process. It’s also just a phase, don’t let it phase you. Laugh it off. Also, if you do leave the messy crumbs on the splash mat under the high chair–find comfort in this, that they will indeed crawl back over and try their left overs. Atleast, from my experience this occurs. What can ya do? Furthermore, this is also why I urge mom + dad to familiarize yourself with your set up first & where mealtime will occur for you and baby. I have a few essentials listed to get you prepared for food tasting + food slingin’

  1. Make sure you have your child’s bib ready + clean: we prefer Sleeved bib smocks by Bumkins.
  2. Plates:  ofcourse the goal is a suction plate that caters perfectly to your child + tray size for the highchair. EZPZ  is my favorite company to buy plates from.
  3. Utensils: When we started baby led weaning, I was informed to offer utensils as we let them lead, accompanying her meal BUT usually used as a teething object and 9/10 times ends up on the floor with the food still preloaded in it. If you are BLW, refrain from spoon-feeding; that is traditional weaning not Baby Led Weaning.  We don’t combo feed for safety–TIP 101 of BLW. Click here for Silikids spoon.
  4. Splash mat! I trust this is pretty self explanatory. We have carpet, we do not remove the splash mat from its area. It’s forever home is under my daughters highchair, and it has served us well. Click HERE to get linked!



Our favorite meals includes oatmeal, whenever there is a batch of my overnight oatmeal it usually gets devoured. Fast, she eats it faster than I eat mine. I’ve found our forever breakfast! The goal is to find ways to make it look different everyday, keeping it a favorite for months now.

a simple overnight oats recipe would include:

1. Traditional or steel cut oats

2. Milk of your preference; we use almond milk 99% of the time. (I suggest 1:1 ratio; 1 cup milk to 1 cup oats)

3. Add some crunch! granola, and any others assorted nuts work great.

4. Add some sweet! What is your favorite sweetener? Could be honey? ours is all natural maple syrup or blue agave and it’s quite divine.

5. Do you like veggies?! Our favorite is shredded carrots–add some cinnamon & raisins (vanilla extra if your feeling adventurous) and there you have our favorite basic carrot cake oatmeal recipe guide!

  • I encourage your spin on things as it’s my favorite way to diversify and keep my daughter (and myself) engaged during mealtime.


*For the green eggs, pureé spinach (or kale if preferred) and add it to the eggs before cooking.

a batch of cinnamon raisin overnight oats + blueberries & apricot slices + multi grain waffle minis

cottage cheese (high protein) + pineapple & grapefruit slices + Zucchini overnight oats + applesauce topped waffle minis
almond butter / jelly overnight oats + white nectarine slices

  • Stay tuned for more mealtime ideas!







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