Avocado fries

Facebook is a great way to find things you’ve never heard of or simply to see things that have gone viral. I will admit this recipe I got was off of a phenomal page where these avocado fries got seriously popular from.

So my spouse tags me in a video linking me to the recipe. I’m eternally grateful for this, usually they are wild ideas but this one caught my eye not just because it was fried AVOCADO, but because it was incredibly easy!

I was beyond excited, it’s one of my favorite superfoods. One of my favorite greens. My biggest favorite for healthy fats!
Avocado goes in my smoothies, my breakfast lunch and dinner plates, sandwhiches, scrambles… everything. So avocado fries??!! Just tell me how to make ’em!

—>link to the original recipe 🌿

The only tweaks I did for this number was:

  • only used 1 avocado
  • Used garlic seasoned bread crumbs
  • Used 1/2 lime on the 1 avocado
  • Baked for 20 min, sprayed the tops of the avocados with coconut oil for crispy results
  • Put it back in for 5 more minutes

If this recipe interests you take a look at my Avocaodo chia smoothie!

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